Friday, 2 December 2011

Been busy these past two evenings! The first evening I attached, twisted and floral taped about 40 faux pearls it took soo long but I found it quite theraputic (I wonder how long that will last!)

I'm finding it far easier to pre-stretch the floral tape

Finished :-)

Then the next evening I took a while attaching some heavier brooches with about 3 pieces of folded wire and did some easy clip on earrings too. It was harder to do the straight earrings becaust there's nothing to thread through so you have to twist around as best you can and use lots of floral tape to keep it secure - clip on's are your friend!

Some more pictures:

The unbeliavably heavy brooch!

Passing the droop test :p

My evenings work

That's all for now :-)

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