Tuesday, 17 January 2012

I've spent all evening making the dreaded pearl stems, only 50 to go! hehe
I made them longer this time and also didn't bother with the floral tape, I'll tape them when I group them into twos and threes.

I also took daylight pictures of the beginnings of the bouquet :-)

Front centre - top of teardrop

top right - needs filling out with pearls

top left - same

how the underneath looks - the handle is really strong due to all the floral tape and wire which is a relief!

soon to be attached, this is an odd earring which was donated to me, looks like a vintage bouquet for mice though doesn't it?

My evenings work, just a couple of hours slowly in front of the telly Crafter beware - this takes loads more time than you could ever imagine :-)
But if craft relaxes you like it does me then you'll be fine.

Monday, 16 January 2012

Constructing the bouquet

At last. Today was my last day off work due to recovering from an operation so I spent most of today working at my bouquet and also my sisters which I began working on last week.

I have decided on the centrepiece also so I have begun building the bouquet around it with ALOT of floral tape. I am so glad I made separate, short pearl stems because I'm finding that I need 1's, 2's and 3's to fill in gaps. I want a pearl seperation between all the pieces I've collected as you'll see in the pictures.

I have run out of bare (silver) wire, my pre-made short pearl stems and the floral tape is running low so after re-stocking on Wednesday I plan to get back to making more stems and arranging.

This is my sisters bouquet started, thank you to http://myworld.ebay.co.uk/izzadee for donating these they're absolutely beautiful :-)
Just need to get more silver wire to do the rest of the buttons

Two individual pearl stems twisted onto a longer wire
The Stanley brooch shape was that awkward that I decided to attach some pearls to that stem,.
Put a button behind this one so you can't see the wire B-)
Stanley brooch is the centre, you're looking at the beginning of the top of what I hope to be a teardop shape. Will take daylight pictures when I've done more because the flash isn't the best when your photographing shiny things!

Another update sooner, I hope! Thank you and please leave a comment if you read but do not follow so that I know I'm not talking to myself ;-)


Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Due to Christmas chaos I hope you can understand the delay! I haven't managed to work on my bouquet but have been desparate to!

I've found, collected and have been given some beautiful new sparkly pieces to go on so for now, I'll list them here and I hope to get cracking again in the next few days. Group shot to begin...

I've got alot of work to do!