Monday, 28 November 2011

Well.......I have stopped for cups of tea and a beautiful Fish Finger sandwich, I have watched 4 episodes of Friends - however I started my crafty work this evening at 5pm and stopped at 10pm. It was actually quite theraputic - oh except when I'd have my eyes on the TV for that long that in a lapse of concentration I've started twisting in the opposite direction and I've undone the whole stem *hits self on head with craft pliers* :-)

What took so long were the dismantled pearls which I used my silvery white wire for. It's a bit too fine, it doesn't bend or twist very well and it kind of unravels if you don't keep the pressure but it'll do for now until the 24 gauge in that colour arrives.

Some pictures of tonights progress:

I can definitely use a thicker wire here

They're short stems for now because no doubt I'll want them clustered around so I can make longer stems with two or three shorter stems on each when I'm arranging the bouquet in it's final stages.
My sister gave me this ring, it is beautiful and quite heavy! So the way I have wrapped the wire around here, I did once again because the stem failed the droop check :-P
My nights work! I did the other clip on "crown" earring, the two shell heart buttons, a couple of buttons from the 300 I got on Ebay, the faux pearls and the big heavy ring - I'm exhausted but happy.

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  1. It's coming on great guns, how fab to have this record to look back on and show the Grandchildren! xxx