Monday, 16 January 2012

Constructing the bouquet

At last. Today was my last day off work due to recovering from an operation so I spent most of today working at my bouquet and also my sisters which I began working on last week.

I have decided on the centrepiece also so I have begun building the bouquet around it with ALOT of floral tape. I am so glad I made separate, short pearl stems because I'm finding that I need 1's, 2's and 3's to fill in gaps. I want a pearl seperation between all the pieces I've collected as you'll see in the pictures.

I have run out of bare (silver) wire, my pre-made short pearl stems and the floral tape is running low so after re-stocking on Wednesday I plan to get back to making more stems and arranging.

This is my sisters bouquet started, thank you to for donating these they're absolutely beautiful :-)
Just need to get more silver wire to do the rest of the buttons

Two individual pearl stems twisted onto a longer wire
The Stanley brooch shape was that awkward that I decided to attach some pearls to that stem,.
Put a button behind this one so you can't see the wire B-)
Stanley brooch is the centre, you're looking at the beginning of the top of what I hope to be a teardop shape. Will take daylight pictures when I've done more because the flash isn't the best when your photographing shiny things!

Another update sooner, I hope! Thank you and please leave a comment if you read but do not follow so that I know I'm not talking to myself ;-)



  1. Hey sian, looking beautiful! I can't work out how to follow but do read each installation x

  2. This looks so gorgeous! Cant wait to see the finished result x