Tuesday, 17 January 2012

I've spent all evening making the dreaded pearl stems, only 50 to go! hehe
I made them longer this time and also didn't bother with the floral tape, I'll tape them when I group them into twos and threes.

I also took daylight pictures of the beginnings of the bouquet :-)

Front centre - top of teardrop

top right - needs filling out with pearls

top left - same

how the underneath looks - the handle is really strong due to all the floral tape and wire which is a relief!

soon to be attached, this is an odd earring which was donated to me, looks like a vintage bouquet for mice though doesn't it?

My evenings work, just a couple of hours slowly in front of the telly Crafter beware - this takes loads more time than you could ever imagine :-)
But if craft relaxes you like it does me then you'll be fine.

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