Tuesday, 22 November 2011


Hello everyone,

My name's Sian and I'm getting married in June 2012! Ever since I've been seeing brooch bouquets on the internet I've wanted one of my own but they were a bit out of my budget unfortunately. Therefore, I have started this blog to detail how I intend to make my own for a fraction of the price. I just hope it doesn't look like a small child made it :-)

For the last few months I've been buying buttons and charity-shopping for dress jewellery, I've even used high street shops such as Accessorise. I'm bound to find more pieces as I go along and I still haven't bought what I plan to be the centre which is a Cath Kidston Stanley brooch - I have two Mini Schnauzers and Stanley is a Wire Fox Terrier so the similar shape really appealed to me.

Here is what equipment I have:

Coiled florist wire (24 Gauge)
Florist Tape
Large Scissors (They cut through the wire just fine)
Pearl effect half buttons
Various dress jewellery

I intend to get, when I'm finished some ribbon or even lace to complete it and cover up the wire.

Here are the pieces I have so far:

I got these shirt collar clip-ons from an Antiques shop in Laycock, Wiltshire. www.suestokes7.blogspot.com for her blog and further info on the shop

Charity shop pieces unless otherwise stated :-)

A broken bracelet of my mothers, I'm hoping to attach this to the top of the handle.

A brooch of my mothers which is slightly bent, this won't be on my bouquet but on a smaller version I hope to make for my sister and maid of honour, it'll have lots of purple buttons on it  too which I am sourcing.

I want a little hint of light blues/turqoise in my bouquet here and there and I couldn't resist this in the charity shop!

A fellow schnauzery and crafty person, Diane Price very kindly donated these earrings. She is very talented and makes some stunning things, see https://www.facebook.com/adiencrafts and http://www.folksy.com/shops/AdienCrafts to see what I mean.

Diane also donated this stunning brooch, it reminds me of a dickie bow!

These are my mothers

I got these from Knitters and Sewers of Swansea

300+ Buttons: Won on Ebay by a lovely woman who has been collecting lovely cream and ivory buttons for decades http://myworld.ebay.co.uk/izzadee


  1. Oooh how exciting, it will be fabulous I'm sure, and a Stanley Dog in the middle would be just perfect! Di x

  2. Wow, wish we had charity shops with such lovely jewellry particually like the brooch with the turquoise blue centre. Good luck with making them up
    Diane x

  3. Thank you Diane I am very lucky - particularly as the shops in my mothers home town of Port Talbot are really good value!