Sunday, 27 November 2011

So.. this is the kind of thing I'm after. Having properly explored these genius designers there is only one thing that puzzles me - how on earth do they source their gorgeous brooches? I've been charity shopping for months! Not to mention the kind friends and family who have given me pieces.

That aside, these people are so talented so if you would like to buy one ready made, these are your people!

Debbie Carlisle bouquets

Vintage Magpie

Love Bouquets

Debbie Carlisle once again!

Mine will have alot more pearls and buttons included and luckily, thanks to a contribution by Gerri and a Cancer Research shop bargain the other day I (hopefully) don't have to buy anymore faux pearl buttons because I have faux pearl necklaces to dismantle and a bracelet.

And while I was in in town I stopped off at a charity shop called Ty Hafan which my cousin manages and got this lovely bracelet for £1.99 and I think it'll be perfect to put at the top of the handle of my finished bouquet.

I've also bought a tool which looks like pliers but is for gripping wire with from Knitters and Sewers in Swansea to save my poor fingers! While I was there I got some white-silvery fine wire for use with the buttons and pearls, which I will then twist onto the stronger green wire - problems solved!

Hoping to start again on my bouquet tomorrow after a busy weekend. Thank you for reading!

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