Thursday, 24 November 2011

So what I need to end up with are stems with brooches at the end and then I can arrange as I like. I'm not entirely sure how to go about attaching the lovely things that fill out the bouquet like the buttons and pearls - perhaps I could make batches attached to fabric and make stems for those I'm not too sure.

With the coiled wire I need it to be about 23-24 inches long dependant on how much wire I anticipate using for securing the brooch because the stem, all finished needs to be about 11 inches to make a decent bouquet that I can hold I think. I hold the two ends of the cut wire together and fold it exactly in half - thread it through until the middle is sitting on the brooch and then wind around and thread and twist as necessary.

Because all brooches have different backs it's difficult to describe what I do to secure them so here are some pictures:

This is the first of two shirt clips, the pattern of the clip was very useful for threading wire through for stability

One of the Accessorise brooches, a bit heavier so I used more wire for winding around

This one was perfect! Trust me you do become greatful for pieces that are easy to attach to stems!

Next I twist by holding the two pieces of wire and twisting the brooch. For the first one I used the tips of my thumb and index finger to roll and twist but the cramps the next day were not good haha
Someone who knows what they are doing said you can get plier type tools so that you don't get some sort of Craft RSI so I will have a look out for those. For now, the hand will do.

How the stem looks with Florist tape wrapped around

Best to start perhaps too long and trim once I'm happy with how big I need the "handle"

With the florist tape you need to stretch it slightly so that it clings to itself. It's very easy, alot like clingfilm.

Best to hold the stem to see if it will support the brooch without drooping, which thankfully this does!

 So this is what I've managed so far in two evenings, I really take my hat off to the people who do this for brides all through the year, I can't imagine how much energy and time goes into it.

I just need to figure out how to use the buttons and pearls - I did see some 24 gauge coiled wire in various colour so perhaps the answer is a neutral coloured wire?

Thank you for reading, I would like to credit for the instructions I'm following.

Next time I will be finding examples of bouquets with full credit to the creators so that you all can see what I'm trying to make.


  1. Wow, I love this, it is sooo interesting seeing how you're coming along with it, it looks very fiddly getting the wire in the right place, can't wait for next installment and by the way I have HUGE button envy on your ebay stash! Di xxx

  2. Thank you Di! I hope to make another bouquet after I've done one for me and my sister, you might see me on Etsy yet!

    I'll either get the craft bug or vow never to twist a piece of wire for the rest of my life - who knows? :)